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The major theme of this edition is “BIAFRA AGITATION AND POLITICS IN NIGERIA”.
In the articles and poems featured in this maiden magazine, young minds have taken the opportunity and platform to from their perspective share their thought on the afore-mentioned theme. The problems highlighted here are no different from the problem Chinua Achebe highlighted in his book “The Trouble with Nigeria”; which is as he said “the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership”. This particular corner is not aimed at out speaking other featured articles, but to synthesise the ideas highlighted in the featured articles and proffer solution which is our vision. Albeit, the result of “failure of leadership” in Nigeria is boldly seen in every corner, and sector of Nigeria including politics.
Poor leadership has led to the occurrence of the following in Nigeria:
• Nepotism
• Tribalism
• Inequality
• Poor politics
• Imperialism
• Economic stagnancy
• Cultural stagnancy
• Societal stagnancy
• Educational dwarf
• Biafra agitation
All these make up a nation who has legs, cannot walk and is at the same time not cripple, but is myopic and suffers from blindness. Unfortunately these nuggets will not be explained for their meaning can only be found in the reading through the articles and poems featured in this magazine.
Yes, there is conflict of culture, language, religion and even interest among the tribes in Nigeria, but there is an existing unity in these diversities which can be reconciled if attention is payed. Perhaps, the inability to identify and establish this unity is the reason Emefiena Ezeani titled his work “In Biafra Africa Died” though different readers will interpret it in the different ways but the writer had a message of hope to pass to the southerners, Nigerians, Africa and the world at large. A lot have died already for Biafra and a lot more may still die, but like the immediate ex-Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan said, “No man’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian” and not only for Nigeria, but for Biafra as well. The strife has gone on just as Chinua Achebe predicted in “A Man of the People”. Problems are created by man and can be solved by man. Already problems have been identified and new problems will be identified but if there must be change, then there must be a revolution and an alienation of power.
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, but there must be an active decision among the leaders (the tiers of government) to in all sincerity serve and protect the country Nigeria and her citizens even far above themselves.
The 2014 national confab and Niger delta should be implemented. Every Nigerian including the Biafra agitators who has progress at heart must have knowledge of the 2014 national confab, for its resolution hold the key to the country we dream of (everyone wants to be successful in Nigeria). Some of its resolutions include the following:
• Devolution of powers and federating units, which will lead to the establishment of only two tiers of govt. (the federal and the states
• Fiscal federalism and revenue sharing
• States and multiple policing system
• Restructuring Nigeria through the creation of new states (this way, power is decentralized, every single tribe is genuinely represented)
• Churches to pay tax and government to stop financing pilgrimage or mecca
The implication of the confab will be dissected in details in the edition that will treat the Economic growth of Nigeria. Good a thing we live a technology ruling age where we are a click away from anything we want to know. The implementation of these policies will lead to even distribution of the nation’s resources within the citizens, communities, tribes and states of the country. Construction of new states and the practice of federalism with only two tiers of government will put a quick end to the cankerworm of imperialism, which has eaten deep in our country. Lenin in his work “Imperialism, the highest form of capitalism” explained how imperialism, a bad form of colonization destroys a nation and renders it stagnant and in the hands of a few. Again, the teaching that there are three major ethnic groups will be put to halt, it promotes tribalism and does not show unity. Every tribe is as important as the other, every tribe and state should be equipped for economic production through the resources they have. The creation of new states will automatically lead to the creation of more geo-political zones.
In addition, election is contested among political parties, the legislative body should consider the rotation of presidential elections among geo-political zone or among northern and southern protectorate, that way, the candidates for election will emerge from particular geo-political zones, say three political zones, that way ethnicity will be controlled and maybe even conquered.
However, if the CONFAB cannot be implemented by the current government then perhaps, there should be secession especially for states that cannot live in harmony and peace due to corruption, marginalization and Imperialism existing in Nigeria, no citizen is a slave and so should not be treated as one.
Consequently, any government that cannot do any of these, and does not have any other alternative or way out of this menace, does not have the interest of the citizens at heart, and is not being guided by the oath of office and deserves to resign otherwise be impeached. Checks and balances as this are why we have senators and law makers, and not being ambassadors of poverty or being violent and making the country a mockery to world.
Finally, we believe these to be solutions to Biafra agitation and the problem of politics in Nigeria. This topic is still open for research and maybe updated after subsequent research, for our aim is to solve problems and we will not stop until problems are solved. Evil prevails because the good people are quiet and refuse to take responsibility, because vacuum does not exist in nature the privation of good will eventually lead to evil. No nation has ever been great without a revolution and that revolution starts with us taking the bull by the horn and being sincere enough to deal with the challenges we are facing.
Only by that can we create a nation where peace, and justice shall reign.

By Jombo Odilichukwu