Saturday, February 16, 2019, will, in the order of activities, host ‘the big event’ where Nigeria decides. Days preceding this event has filmed the presidential debate which Nigerians actively participated in through the social media, the candidates and their campaign strategies as well as the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria to which Nigerians have reacted.

Campaigns have gone wrong for both the ‘PDP’ and ‘APC’ who happen to be the main contenders. The YPP has not relented in creating an impression, particularly in Imo state, while some contending parties have exited the stage.

Apparently, Nigerians are being wooed and on Saturday, in this week of ‘LOVE’, she will be choosing her groom at the altar of the polling units. The question is not who she will be choosing but why she will want to tango with that particular groom.

More often than not, ignorance of history grants history a repeat of itself particularly as regards negative events rather than positive ones. The lips of some elderly Nigerians tell how the war against corruption replay the days of War against Indiscipline (WAI) in their minds and how much they wish the young people today will ask questions and know the happenings that ushered Nigeria to today’s stage.

In the game of chess, moving the pieces illuminates the thoughts of a player, though the ultimate goal is to checkmate the opponent. The motive behind the move of each piece during the game is not fully known. Fortunately, the winner of this democratic political race will be decided by the Jury of citizens who courageously vote their conscience as they cast their votes while INEC, serving as the returning officer, will announce the collated results.

October 1, 2018, celebrated Nigeria at fifty-eight. Nigeria, a lady in her fifties, does not need a man who dangles a carrot before the donkey to lure it to its abode. However, at fifty-eight, Nigeria needs a man who will dutifully avail her the basic necessities of life while she can diligently toil for the luxury she desires. She needs a man whose ears dwell at the center of her habitat to see what visions need be set as well as establish institutions and systems that will facilitate implementation and development. At fifty-eight, Nigeria needs more development and less drama–a dancing to the beats of “No shishi for bribe” while walking the “talk”.

Chaos and crisis may force their way to the occasion, but the choice to resist this set of twins and protect Nigeria and her children lies solely in our hands. The understanding that we hurt ourselves and children unborn in hurting others must dwell richly in our minds.  

Engagement parties are reminders of the chiming wedding bells. If the bride makes a good choice of groom, the wedding party will breed more love and eternal memories and marriage will, in the midst of  challenges, be a happy one flowing in fruitfulness.

Nigeria needs you to CHOOSE wisely, for the next engagement will last till the next four years yet unseen and unknown. Don’t choose an alternative when you can make a bigger decision.