written by Odilichukwu Frances May 21, 2021

We are excited to introduce something as new as PRIMING PODCAST here! 

Raising a generation of balanced children

The times we are in today require that we be on our toes so that our eyes are blinded by lather when we have an ocean to scoop from by our sides. 

So from now until we get access to other podcast platforms, PRIMING PODCAST will be featured here, because we cannot hesitate to share with you how you can heal the world by raising children right. 

Our society is broken because so many individuals are broken, but we are here to show you how we can with one mind, fix what is broken, and save our children from chaos! 

We cannot fix everyone, we cannot heal everyone but we can prevent more lives from being broken, it begins with me in my tiny corner, it begins with you in your own corner, and most importantly it begins in our homes. 

Feel free to interact with us as we raise a generation of balanced children. 
Click on the link below to listen/download 

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