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Dealing with career challenges

Starting a career is not as easy as saying the letters of the alphabets; even the kindergartens do not find saying all the letters of the alphabets easy despite the songs, and the numerous guides they have to that. After reaching a decision to start a career, challenges will definitely surface to perhaps test the waters of our decision, or to see how determined we are to stick with our decision and achieve our aim. Whatever the case may be, how you choose to deal with these challenges will really determine your possibility of achieving what you really want to achieve.

In this section, we will be looking at some of the challenges encountered while trying to start a career, and the right attitude for dealing with these challenges


Here is a list of some of the challenges you may encounter while trying to start a career.

The challenge of starting itself:

One of the major challenges encountered is the challenge of starting itself, especially when the career is not directly related to your first degree course (that is a career you chose after graduation). You may be faced with the challenge of what the best first move should be, should you keep an old job while trying to start this out, do you have requirements for the new career? These and so many other similar questions make starting a career quite difficult.

To deal with the challenge of starting itself, you must make firm resolve of why you decided to start in the first place. Intent is key in life. The intention for starting a career is a good drive for really taking a journey through that path, which is why it is important to know why you are choosing a particular career (short term or long term).

The challenge of timing:

Life is filled with passing moments, and you actually may have the challenge of timing for starting a career because the career may not seem to have the ability to foot your current bills, or perhaps you are above age required for an entry level in the job and you think it’s no use starting out, or perhaps you will require to get a few more qualifications which you don’t think you have the time for may be because you are married, or because you have a lot pressing issues that all you need for the time being is to start earning, don’t worry because you are no alone.

Dealing with this challenge is not easy, but it can be handled. To handle this challenge, one must be clothed in the virtue of patience. It is true that we are all in different situations and under different circumstances, but trying to think long term and walk with patience will yield better results. If you have exceeded the age required for an entry level, you can go on to acquire further certifications for that job so that a potential employer will not necessarily consider you a novice. You can also start out with intern jobs, or trainings, just to wriggle out of the age limitations. Now this particular choice may not earn you a decent pay in the beginning but with you will be glad you took the step.  Be patient with yourself in your journey.

Another way to deal with this challenge is by setting your priorities right. Sometimes, the pressure we get from timing is as a result of wrong priorities. You are the one in your situation, so why set your priorities with what you think every other person is doing? Understand your situation, know your goals, and see how you can overcome your situation to actualize your goal.

The challenge of rejection:

One of the reasons people fail to do anything at all is the fear of rejection. Maybe you have had bad experiences with your clients or bosses before, and you think similar things will happen again, or you assume you may not be good enough for the role, whatever it is that may give you the feeling of rejection as you decide to start your career.

The truth is that sometimes our fear of rejection comes from our seat of ignorance. So should this be your challenge, you need to focus on being more valuable than you used to be, and feel better about yourself. Wear a regalia of confidence, look at the person in your mirror and speak the life you want to that person. Accept yourself and the career role you are interested in and keep the thoughts of you getting to the peak alive. Once you have conquered the limitations of self, nothing else can conquer you.

The challenge of finances:

It is possible that you need finances to meet up with the requirements needed to begin your career, or that you need finances to solve your problems or those of your family. Money is not everything, but it is a necessity.

Think of how you can fill needs and earn money to get your requirements or reduce the density of your financial issues. This is why having a skill or vocation is important. These days it is called “side hustle”. If you are not too proud or ashamed to do something legal to earn honestly, you will definitely be able to fill a need that get you a certain level of financial support till you eventually start your career and start earning as well. However, you must have a budget, and scale preferences so that you don’t run out of cash for irresponsible spending or things like that.

Don’t be in a hurry to make money than you are to add value. Obtain value, add as much value as possible, and money will come after you for the value you possess, but you must first be patient and intentional.

The what if’s

Finally, another challenge that could hold us back if we let it is the bag of what if’s. Like, what if I don’t get a job? What if I don’t like this career in the long run? What if I don’t get a promotion when I am due for a promotion? What if I get fired almost immediately? And so many other doubts and nostalgia that comes with trying to start a career.

Rather than focus on this, find out what you want for yourself and what can help you achieve success in your career and pursue them. If you make mistakes, you learn. If you are unjustly fired, you can get emotional, but you just pick yourself up afterwards and keep moving for the bigger picture. Don’t be afraid to lose your job as long as your attitude is not the problem, just start your career.

If you don’t get hired by anyone, think of how you can begin something for yourself in that career line, maybe teaching it, and the kind of service you can render in the same field. Implore yourself to think and you will discover something you can do.


Finally, to start out a career successfully, leverage properly. Don’t be shy to ask for partnerships, as long as you have value to offer. Starting a career can be challenging but you have the ability to rise above these challenges.


1. Think about all the challenges that are stopping you from starting your career.

2. List them (writing down your challenges is a sign that you are aware of them and awareness is the very first step to solving these challenges)

3. List the resources within your reach (do not neglect any)

4. Match these resources to this challenges

Feel free to reach out to us for further guidance. Also follow this link to read our previous articles on Career Development.

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