Hey TIM world, how goes it with the new year? From my little corner of the world, I wish y’all a happy new year . I’m here with another “all things trending” and this y’all are gonna love.

So, we’re barely into the first half of the first month of the year before a challenge sprung up, this time, it wasn’t a ridiculous potentially dangerous dance move. This actually had some good in it, at least I’d like to think so. This challenge is called “the 10 year challenge”, I believe this was supposed to be fun as well as reflective of how far we’ve come in 10 years. So, even if I don’t personally subscribe to the internet rage and frenzy of wanting to attempt everything one sees on the internet, I could appreciate the thought behind the whole thing. That is until in our typical Naija fashion, we took it just one step further than it should’ve been taken. Cos I think dem bleached slay queens forgot they weren’t quite ‘hawt’ 10 years ago. And then some people forget we know them, and they be claiming 10yrs challenge with pictures from 3yrs ago.  I’m like nigga please *insert eye roll* I be knowing yo broke ass when we were looking for garri to soak back then in school. Don’t be forming “didn’t change much with them 3y/o pictures. Some girls and I’m sad to say guys also took to the challenge and came up with pictures that leave you wondering what would remain of their bleached selves in another 10yrs, some people are fitting to bleach their skins away, all in the bid to fit in.


We also have had some pretty hilarious pictures, I trust my Naija people na, we no dey ever carry last. Na we dem see finish come coin “suffering and smiling”

Anyhow, as always, barely 2 days into all the craziness, a story broke. Apparently a lady was left by her significant other, because the ‘her in her’, (philosophy shidren, una dey here so?) has supposedly come a long way, make that a far off the mark, long way and the guy couldn’t deal with dating a lady that was once as black as night, now as white as snow. It’s like the transformation agenda of the last regime and the change of the present regime took place in one person. No be me talk am ooo.

Immediately I saw the story, all I could think was; “pe pe ri pe, pe pe ri pe pe, pe pe pe pe, no go dey do pass yourself”

Just because everyone is doing something doesn’t mean you should, know your worth. Cos sometimes trying to prove you’re better is an insult to yourself.

Instead, think about how far you’ve come in 10yrs, your mistakes and achievements and how you’re going to be better than even your imaginations in the next 10 yrs.

I remain your girl, QuietStorm; the living weirdo.


By Oluchi Ibeto