The Intellects magazine is a “purpose and thought-driven” magazine.
The idea was conceived on May 8, 2014 not as a magazine but merely an association for intellectual discussion. Under the influence of the over-whelming idea and zest to make impact, it became a reality on a WhatsApp group on the same day, and on June 21, 2016, had a Facebook page which is “INTELLECTS- IMPACTING YOUR WORLD”.
Today this idea has metamorphosed to a Magazine, with the same motive as before but in a bigger ship. A lot will not be said about this dream, but as events unfold, a lot will be seen. It is not a religious organization, but our bed rock is Christ Jesus the son of God, the giver of wisdom, the light in darkness and the way out of today’s decadence.

To raise a generation of good thinkers, who have in them the ability to know, to reason, to comprehend, and come to correct conclusions about what is true, and how to solve problems man encounter while living, for nature tends towards disorder.

To create a platform where good thinkers who are young in mind can share their subjectively objective opinion, through their voices, either by oratory battle or by the conquest of blank papers with ideas that are products of correct thinking, with the sole aim of positively impacting their world.

MOTTO: Impacting your world

This is our first online edition of the Intellects magazine, you can be part of this mind building movement, and rule your world with your impact. All you need to do is to have a mind and contact us ASAP through: and you can join us on Facebook @Intellects –impacting your world.


The Hair Fashion!

Men Fashion Even our men are not left out in the fashion trend! Both hair cuts and long pants. Amusingly, some use waterproof or nylon to wear their pair of

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November 27, 2017
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